In Loving Memory of Mary Margaret Sarkar

31 July 2013
Love you lots and always.
Teresa Begum XOXO
Still missing you.
Love Aat
Mary Margaret SARKAR
SARKAR. - Mary Margaret. Passed away May 25, 2012 Aged 86 years A treasured mother, mother-in- law, grandmother and great grandmother who gave unconditional love to all her family and anyone else in need. She was one of life's true treasures. The tears in our eyes can easily be wiped away, But the ache in our hearts will forever stay. Loved wife of James (dec.) Our love remains with you always - Ken and Beverley Winnell, Teresa and Aat Verhulst and their families. Please see later newspaper for funeral arrangements
Published in Herald Sun on May 28, 2012 Copy of the Herald Sun Guest Book Link to Heaven Address
Eulogy from Beverley

Mum had a difficult childhood and often felt unloved and unwanted. This could have made her a bitter person but she rose above it to make sure she gave her unconditional love and support to everyone not just family but anyone she felt could do with a bit of loving. This may have been in the form of sewing for those she knew, working at the church, minding her grandchildren, giving lollies to children she particularly liked, helping neighbours in need or in fact any way she could be of help. She never asked for anything in return and was always happiest when making others happy.

Not many mums would hop on a pushbike and ride from Fawkner to Brunswick to go to Fergusons bakehouse just to buy a pastie to make her sick daughter feel a bit better.
She soothed my hurt from racial taunts and always urged me not to stoop to others levels but be proud of my heritage.
Mum and I shared many special conversations especially on a Thursday night when she waited up till 11 to sit with me while I ate dinner after working late.
I remember how she would rush to put her lipstick on and take her apron off when she heard dads car in the driveway , because she wanted to look nice for him when he got home after a long day at work, how she was always there after school with afternoon tea for us while waiting to hear about our day, her patience as she taught me to sew and knit, her learning to drive so that she pick me up so I didn’t have to walk  2 miles in the dark after working late, and her absolute joy after the birth of her first grandchild Nerida.
I will never be able to be as good or caring as a mother as she was and as I watched her health deteriorate over the last few years I realised how strong she was, never complaining even when in pain.
I cannot say in just a few minutes how much this wonderful woman meant to me, what I can say is that the hole in my heart will never heal and I hope she was aware of my love, admiration and pride in her not just as my mum but as a person anyone would be proud to know.

Eulogy from Teresa


Today the heavens up above,

Have welcomed a new recruit.

She joins them now with all her love,

And shares their blessed fruit.


A humble childhood she once had,

With joy not often shared.

And then she came to meet with Dad,

Who showed how much he cared.


My mother Mary is the one,

Who I speak of today.

So thank you mum for all you’ve done

To help me on my way.


You gave me love beyond compare

….. always by my side.

I’m blessed to have all that we share

And that you’ve been my guide.


“What’s wrong love?” mum used to say

When she know I had pain

And then in her sweet magic way

She’d make things right again.


I spoke with her the day before

And asked her to stay a while.

But she was tired to the core

….. yet kept that lovely smile.


Now the other Angels need her near

To help them on their quest.

Because they Know she’s not just dear,

She’s one of the best.


I know she’s watching over me

And in my heart she’ll stay.

But now she’s where she needs to be

And she’ll join Dad today.


So Heaven’s table now will need,

….. another setting please

Where Mum will see the Angel’s creed

Is carried out with ease.


Thank you Mum, your love’s unreal,

You wisdom and gentle touch.

And while I know you will help me heal,

I miss you oh so much.

Eulogy from Sumita

Auntie was such an exceptional lady that I consider it a privilege to have known her. She had her daughters and a full family. Yet, she found it in her heart to make me her fourth daughter. I am heartbroken at losing my Australian Mum. In a world so filled with animosity, here was a catholic lady, who drove her husband every Friday to the mosque while patiently waiting outside till he finished his prayers and adopted a Hindu couple as her daughter and son-in-law. Auntie may not have been a great scholar but she made her decisions and choices based on what her head and heart told her. And what a heart she had! I admired and respected her for it and always will.

Auntie would always say a prayer for me and light candles whenever I faced troubles. For a period of time I lost touch with her, a few years after moving to the US.  As it happened, while touring upstate New York, one day I visited an old, beautiful catholic church. I prayed that I get news of her and lit a candle. I did, very soon! Auntie had moved out of her house into the retirement community, so we had lost communication for that period. Though I cannot be in Melbourne today, I shall go to the temple here and pray for her everlasting peace. I do believe that she is happily reunited with Uncle (Jimmy) now and with no separations there between Allah or Jesus, they shall be just be with the Almighty. Auntie taught me so much!. Though she is here no more, she shall live on, in all of us, by her teachings, actions and memories.









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